Len Jørgensen pro voor Rome snowboards

Als je de online snowboardmedia ook maar een beetje volgt, dan heb je het vandaag waarschijnlijk al gelezen, maar Len Jørgensen is bij Rome Snowboards gepromoveerd tot het pro team.  Len in Nederland bekend dankzij shots in o.a. Connect the Dots van Postland en natuurlijk zijn rail skills op Rock-a-rail en ademt hij snowboarden. Dus US zegt congrats Len!

Nu had Rome al een leuk team met LNP, Will Lavigne, Borjn Leines en een stevige Scandinavische line-up met Alek Oestreng, Stale Sandbech, en Toni Kerkela in het pro team. Met Len erbij is de Euro afdeling weer extra goed gevuld.

Wat Rome snowboards zelf zegt:
Len, Lenny P, Party Powers, L. Jorgs, who exactly is this Len Jørgensen character?

Anyone familiar with Rome video projects over the last three years is aware of the way Len snowboards; entertaining doesn’t even begin to cover it. Style has always been the focus of Len’s riding and it’s he has set himself apart by crushing park laps in RK1 videos and producing full parts in the streets. Len has cut his teeth linking urban lines, wall rides, and high-consequence rails all while maintaining his signature touch of having fun.

It’s hard not to remember his antics on camera but when it comes to urban riding, Len is all business with an eye for creative spots and a list of un-replicatable tricks; making a name for himself by doing things his way.

Growing up just a few blocks away from Ståle Sandbech and Alek Østreng it’s hard to think that at some point he wouldn’t be at the same level as the rest of RK1.

Simply put, Len Jørgensen’s snowboarding is creative, fun to watch and badass. Rome is proud to move this one-man Norwegian party rocket, up to the Pro Team!

Welcome to the big leagues Lenny Powers.

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